Making Clothing Matter

What you wear expresses who you are. The visual elements of clothes can tell a lot about the wearer, making clothing a form of communication and self expression of social and cultural cues. However, often clothing lacks personal value to the wearer. This project explores ways to make clothing more meaningful and personal to the person wearing it. (Semi-)hidden information embedded in clothing is used for this exploration. The embroidery technique developed in project 2 design is used as a method to create a semi-hidden message. Qualitative research was used to test how people experience wearing a secret message.


In this project I got the chance to continue my design Project 2 as a research project. This project posed a pretty big challenge for me, as we already had a probe for our research, we had to focus on creating knowledge out of it by research through design. This approach made me struggle with finding an appropriate direction for our research. In the end, we focused on the value on personalisation and privacy. We got an insight into this field by looking at pubic and private symbols from anthropology. During this project I developed my research skills further, by holding workshops, co-creation sessions and diary studies. A bigger insight I got from this project was the issue with the approach of my Project 2. While it did deliver a new technique and using the exploratory approach we developed a new embroidery technique it had somewhat failed on delivering a larger societal value.