Slow Analog Movement

Technology has been incorporated into textiles in very explicit forms, which are often not wearable for the user –such as Nike’s self-lacing shoes using motors or CuteCircuit’s light up garments using LEDs–.  In contrast to this movement, the focus of this project is the use of technology as a means of pushing craftsmanship forward and use it in more implicit ways. The dynamic fabric created during this project allows for the reveal of different information or visuals based on different viewing angles and lighting conditions. The technique can be applied for visual effects in fabric or for embedding personal and meaningful information in a visual form. The goal of this project is to create dynamic fabrics that can be used for many different applications by using technology to push the boundaries of craftsmanship.


This project gave me the chance to bring together the expertise areas of Math Data and Computing, Creativity and Aesthetics and Technology and realization. This was the first project where I was able to follow a material design approach. I got to experiment with different materials, and machinery to generate samples by using code. In this loop, the code I wrote dictated the properties that the resulting material would acquire, and by analysing and drawing on the desired properties, I got more insights into how to further iterate my code. In following this approach and introducing my love for the arts in the form of colour theory. This project also got the chance of polishing my work for the first time and having it exhibited at the 2019 International Symposium for Wearable Computing Design Exhibition.