The main goal of ctrl. is to allow people to regain a sense of control in a highly automated future. A future in which things around us are being totally controlled by artificial intelligence is not very far. There is little or no room for personal decisions that would defy the optimal choices that have been taken on your behalf. Ctrl. allows the users to control IoT devices in the smart home. The product is context aware giving the user access to the devices that are relevant to the area where the product is placed. It enhances he experience of controlling multiple IoT devices without having to rely on many different remotes, apps or voice control.


This project gave me the chance to integrate my expertise areas in a somewhat linear design cycle. I observed and researched trends in home automation inspired by the course Trends and Forecasting. The issue at hand for the project, centralisation inspired me to design an element to bring back power to users. During this project I also developed my technology and realization skills by programming the final prototype and my Creativity and Aesthetics skills by designing the UI.